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Monday, August 27, 2012

Roadside Emergency

Technically it wasn't a REAL emergency, but I did stop on the way home from church on Sunday to take a picture of this prairie flower.
I've been watching it bloom everyday on the way to and from school and wanted to stop, but not wanting to get sideswiped. Not much truck traffic on Sundays, so I pulled over.  It was in the bright noon time sun, so it looks washed out.
Beyond the fence post is the crunchy pasture that is so dry. I'll need to do some research on this plant. There's this large one and one other smaller one down the road. { update: I've been searching wildflower data bases and found what I think may be a match: Cleome serrulata.}They are not like the sand lilies that are everywhere earlier in the summer. It  must have a deep tap root to survive like my bush morning glory.


All Ways Designing said...

I love the wild flowers!!

Thanks for the visit and yes, I am familiar with the dog wrap...tried it and it doesn't work on either of my dogs that hate the lightening and thunder! LOL!!

Have a wonderful week!

Jan ♥

Karen said...

As dry as our weather has been, I'm amazed at the color in some of the prairie flowers. This is beautiful!

Remington said...


Al said...

Very pretty. And yes, reliable cars are a great thing, I wonder how many more miles I'll get out of mine...

Rebecca said...

Totally awesome. God's creation... They bloom and grow despite the lack of care...that's because they are heaven sCent. :)

I have to tell you girlfriend...I sooo love love love your comments. You are sooo funny and every time I see your name I light up with a big ol' smile. You bless me so much.

Is Christian comedy in your future? I'm thinkin' a books in there somewhere!


Rose H (UK) said...

Thank you for taking your life in your hands to take this super image - it's beautiful. Glad you are un-scathed!
Rose H

Donna said...

The prairie flower is gorgeous! And to think it is so beautiful with the dry land around it.
Love the purple color of it too!

Annesphamily said...

Gorgeous! Even with the dry weather we have had there is still some beauty to be found! Thanks for this great share!