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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Kitchen Grows Up

It was hard, but I took down all of my gingerbread kids and hearts from the cabinet doors and around the window above the sink. My kitchen wanted a change. It looks rather stark to me. I didn't give them away--maybe later some will find new homes.
Annie Sloan was calling from all around the country. She wanted to come to my house so I went on a day trip and picked her up. There are not many places in Colorado to find her, but I did-- in Parker! In years past, many moons ago, during my college days I had a friend that grew up there. It seemed ever so far away then. But, with a stop in Denver to see my sweeties, I continued on down to Leetsdale Drive, which turns into Parker Road, drove on past Tagawa Gardens and soon arrived in Parker. Found Main Street and turned east and found a sweet shop filled with all sorts of goodies. Simpler Times Designs, where I found Annie, has a booth area in Mainstreet Marketplace.
Removed the handles, but not the doors. I'm in a bit of a rush as I seem to get this painting bug right before school begins (early in August). It's happened before, so I took the short cut. I was assured this paint will stick to anything , including hinges! The doors above have only one coat. I did two.
These doors were lightly distressed and I put up a handle as it looked before cleaning and one after. The one on the left has 31 years of fingerprints. I soaked them in ammonia and hot water twice and then scrubbed them with a stiff brush, steel wool, and Dawn.  That long oval shape had some sort of brown paint on it and it came off so it looks much better to me. I kept them for two reasons: 1. Cost to replace and 2. I didn't want to have to drill new holes.

More doors need another coat of paint. Then they'll need waxing and/or a polycrylic sealer. Right now I'm only planning to do the uppers. Tomorrow  I'll remove more handles, clean them, scrub the cupboards by the stove, and try to move the refrigerator so I can reach those cabinets. I sure do miss my painter man. He always did this kind of stuff for me.


Anonymous said...

It will be so bright in there! You will have a whole new kitchen!

Marilyn said...

It made a huge difference as soon as I had painted only two doors. Then I continued on around the sink and did five more. I love it!!

Anita said...

I know what you mean about the kitchen! I just painted and distressed all my cabinets and it really is time-consuming.

Salmagundi said...

I didn't know you were taking on such a big project. It is going to look wonderful - we painted our cupboards white several years ago, and I've never regretted it. It really lightens everything up! Get your kids to come help you. Mike is coming down this weekend to help Bob replace some fencing. Sally

Remington said...

That looks GREAT! Well done!

Deanna said...

You go girl!!!!!
What a difference lighter paint on cabinets make and lightens a room. Amazing.

Please come to Kansas and do my Kitchen......d

Deanna said...

i forgot to mention....i have candy. hehe

Cher' Shots said...

Oh how exciting ~ a make-over! I wish I were that brave!
'hugs from afar'

Sarah Wilson said...

WOW! That is going to lighten up the kitchen so much! BUT I will have to say, that your painter man would have said that wood is not meant to be painted! =0)
I can't wait to see it!

Cindy Adkins said...

OH WOW, you did a great job!!! I hope that you are having a happy summer...

Anonymous said...

I was enjoying your post so much - and then you wrote about missing your painter man so much - my heart skipped a beat for ya. Hugs.

Love the cleaned up cabinet handles - they look very nice. Great redo on the doors!

I remember the days of the early arrival of a school year. Then, I got to work full time and missed those summers off! Blessings in all kinds of ways we don't always see, huh?

Take care!

Anne@A Little Fur in the Paint said...

Beautiful! I have 2 cans of Annie Sloan, but have not let her out yet! I've just discovered your lovely blog, and am now following...
So nice to meet you!

Holly said...

Hi Marilyn~
What a cute post! I have been wanting Annie to come to my house to do the exact same thing!! Did you have to sand the doors at all? It looks great! Glad you got it done!

Pat said...

Hi Marilyn,

I admire you doing your cabinets! I have been wanting to do mine for a couple of years, but kinda scared to get started. I go back to school August 7, what about you?

I also wanted to ask you if you had ever been to the Paris Street Market in Littleton. My daughter lived in Denver for 3 years, and we loved going there. Here is the link to it. It sure is worth going to, but crowded.

Rebecca said...

Eeek! LOVE THEM! LOVE THE CHANGE! are hysterical. You crack me up. Whenever I read you comments I'm laughing and smiling big!

Such a ocmic!


The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh, what a fabulous transformation!! I would have left the doors on too, taking them off can be a pain to get them on right again, great save on the handles, new ones could cost a ton!!!