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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Blooming Pots

With our 100+ temperatures, I'm amazed that my flowers can bloom in the heat! Most all came from our FFA greenhouse in May.
The petunias don't seem to mind, but the snapdragons will wilt in the afternoons. These are so different than the ones I remember pinching open when I was young.
The petunias are happy sharing with the licorice plant.
Before the rain (YES!! we had rain!) last night, I wanted to make sure I snapped the phlox. The hail didn't come so they are still looking pretty today. Very early this summer!
More pots.
Every year I splurge and buy a special variety of petunias for this pot. There's ONE plant in the light gray pot and it will continue to grow and bloom. I did learn not to give it any fertilizer last year. It just grew "leggy" and didn't stay compact.
A wee fairy found a spot in this pot.
Her name is ARIA. "With each wind that flutters through the trees, Aria uses her song to invigorate the plants and creatures of the garden. They grow and become more enchanting with every note she sings."


Salmagundi said...

Mike said the rain was great! Friday night we got some, but nothing last night. We are still dry. Your pots look better than mine, for sure. If it's not the lack of moisture, the bugs are getting them. I'm ready for Fall!!!! Sally

Donna said...

I am so glad you received rain!! Your flowers are GORGEOUS! You have given them lots of TLC through the heat. Love Aria too! I need a fairy too!

Deanna said...

Marilyn, Your flowers are so very pretty! Sure like the colors.
Still waiting on some rain. That will be refreshing,

sarah said...

Yay for the rain! Your flowers are looking great. :-)

The Polka Dot Closet said...

YOur flowers are gorgeous...I am so surprised they look so great with the heat hum.....It must be the fairy


My Cottage Charm said...

Marilyn, I just <3 all your flowers! It's been sweltering here too....yesterday was 103~!!! ACTUAL temperature! blah! We had a storm system come throught last night though and today the high was felt cold! lol
I'm so glad you like my little signs...they took hardly any work at all, and I just love them! It sounds like you have just about everything to throw them together! :) You'll have to send me a pic if you do get to do them. :)
Gotta run...been cleaning since 6am and I'm whipped!

Denise said...

Aria seems to be taking care of those pretty flowers, but I'm sure your tender loving care has a lot to do with it. Thanks for stopping by my mushroom post. Those type of mushrooms do grow into some unusual shapes but I think this one was even more so.