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Wednesday, May 23, 2012


It was 98 or 99 yesterday! May 22!!
Today was MUCH cooler and a good day for being out in the yard.
My columbine are getting sparse and changing colors on me. I need to start over with seeds because the ones for sale in town are past blooming for this spring. 

This single petunia plant will grow and spill over the sides with blooms.
Was happy planting about 15 pots today.
I'll need to do about 20 more.
My mini roses are starting to bloom.
The white one is full of buds.
My early pots of pansies are so sweet.
Below is some of what is left that needs to be planted.
I think I spent about $100 and got between 55 - 66 six packs, although some were vegetables and may have been 4 packs.  Plus a few single plants like spikes. All for my mom, Sarah & Alex, and me. I know it would have cost more than twice that amount at the green house or garden centers.  Our Future Farmers of America in Wiggins do an outstanding job of growing almost all of the plants we need! The students are "hired" to take care of the green house and all the ag students work on opening day of the sale where people line up early to get these bargains. In a small town of 1,000 or so!

Lots to catch up on - especially pulling weeds and grass out of the flower beds. With our wind, there is no way to be weed free.


Salmagundi said...

I should come to Wiggins to buy our plants. We spent a fortune this year, and I'm not sure we are done, yet. It hasn't been as hot here in So. Colo. - wow! 99 is hot for May. Take care. Sally

Remington said...

WOWZERS! I would love to see all of it when you are finished planting! It is really hot where you live....stay cool, my friend....

The Polka Dot Closet said...

I have got to get some roses, I love roses and don't have any...Go figure! Wow, you have a ton of beautiful plants and yes, what a great price! Can't wait to see you garden in full bloom. We are getting hot here in Orlando too...Oh I am dreading the hot weather ahead!


Donna said...

We could be two peas in a pod! I love to work with my flowers. You got lots of flowers for $100!
I have been pulling weeds as well!

LDH said...

Lovely flowers everywhere :) Those were some really hot temperatures! We are having some hot and humid days and it made working in the yard all day today a lot less pleasant.

So nice stopping by to enjoy your beautiful post!

Rebecca said...

Your plants are sooo fab. I just told my honey today our yard looks like CRUD! :( Bah! I need a gardener and more $$$. :)


My Cottage Charm said...

Hey Marilyn!
It's been hotter than hades here in KY too...90's in May is crazy! We've been having some nice pool weather, so we've been chilling in our pool in the afternoons. :) We just have a little 10foot wide deal, but it cools us off!
Our high school has an AG dept and the students grow all kinds of goodies in their greenhouses too. My mom and I usually go out there to buy our ferns and flowers each year. They are WAY cheaper than nurseries here too!
You are too sweet to say my window seat looks professional! :) *blush* I can't wait to get it all finished and sit on it and relax. That'll be a while...I plan on doing wainscoting in there soon too. I'm a glutton for punishment! lol
Hope you have a great time planting your flowers...they are lovely!

Patsy said...

Hello, Marilyn. Thank you for your visit and nice compliment. I love the flowers! I am now following you on GFC. Patsy

Annesphamily said...

I really like the plants you chose! I wish I lived near a smaller community. You have such a family and everyone helping everyone else! I tried to put some four o'clock's in a planter but they did not take! They remind me of my mom She filled our yard with them! I was sad but I will keep trying. This horrible heat really made a mess of this summer and it has barely started! Then those awful fires. Stay safe.

Hugs Anne