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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Favorite Garden Colors

At my mom's there's a new flower bed created by the removal of an old pine. Sadly there are no longer any cute bird houses hanging, but my brother and I worked and planted lots of flowers. He did the hard work by cleaning  out debris and hauling in dirt to put in the hole left by the roots. It will be something my mom will enjoy while she is sitting near the window looking out, wishing she could still be outside gardening. She misses that so much. Our gift to for summer joy.

In another area there are many columbine in bloom. My favorite:
I was lucky to see them on Saturday! Sometimes I miss them because of the timing of my visits.
When I came home late in the afternoon I found my flax were still blooming for the day. Most of the time the flowers are gone by noon.
The flowers liked the cloudy, cool weather.
Purple Robe Black Locust Tree
This is the first year that there are blossoms to enjoy. The wind burned the tiny buds off last year.
This was the last tree Wally planted for me, so I'm really glad to see it finally growing and blooming.


Annesphamily said...

Your hubby's tree is beautiful! God works in the strangest ways. You will always think of your wonderful husband when you see that tree blooming and growing. Jeremy graduated from Metro! It is a great school! Rebekah will graduate next year! Then Hannah the following year. It is good to see you here and I wish you a beautiful Mother's Day! I try to get over and some days it just does not happen! Have a great week! Blessings, Anne

Salmagundi said...

That locust tree is so special -- beautiful with memories. Enjoy the week -- it's the homestretch!!! Sally

Remington said...


i beati said...

definitely mine I lost all my websites when doing templates one day and I searched and searched and here you are !!Whew !!

Rose H (UK) said...

Such sweet blooms, especially 'Wally's tree'. Hope your eyes fall on many other sweet things this week.
Rose H

Donna said...

What a treasure the tree is that Wally planted for you. It is gorgeous as is all the other flowers :)
Hope you had a good Mother's Day!

Rebecca said...

Oh girly...I love stopping by your place. Breath of fresh air!

Love your hubby's glad to see that last tree is GROWING! :)


Schotzy said...

Hi MArilyn. Thanks for your nice comment about hydrangeas... I will place them in water and when the first one droops I will take the rest out of water and hang them up side down in a dry place and they will just dry nice as you please. sometimes I will just pour then water out and let them dry in the vase... they seem to dry easily this way!

Ana Márquez said...

I love the quotes in your blog header :-) Thanks for sharing so lovely blog and words. Hugs.