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Monday, September 16, 2013

Finding Bliss

It's been a long, wet week. More rain in a week in some areas than we usually have in a year. We are a plains desert area. Less than 15 inches in a YEAR.

Thinking about what one would grab if flood waters were only minutes away and there was an evacuation order. And me, being blessed with only normal rain showers at my house and living several miles from the South Platte river. A farmer on the news said the water was a mile wide in places. I tend to believe his estimate as farmers know what they are talking about--just think--as wide as the Mississippi River.

Sunday afternoon I made cookies for lunches this week at church for our emergency responders and displaced people.
This double batch using my favorite mixing tool with a thick wooden handle was supposed to be chocolate chip. The bags of morsels I found in the cupboard were white chocolate and butterscotch and were used instead of making a trip to town. I bake so seldom any more it's a wonder I had any.

I have these metal utensils that I hunted down after watching a PBS cooking show and seeing a man use one when he made bread. I love it so much that I have a short handled one and a long handled one. They come from some country in Europe and make mixing the flour into bread or cookie dough EASY and enjoyable.
I believe I just might grab these if I had only minutes to leave my home.
(Edit: I just saw this on another blog! It is a Danish whisk and can be found on Amazon.)
I thought it would be easier to make cookie bars so that's what I did. Of course, as with any church potluck, there was an abundance of food. Tomorrow's team won't need to fix or bring anything!
Only a few came for lunch today but our Monday team had a great time working together and sharing the delicious food. 
Look for bliss even in devastating times because it is there.


Sarah Wilson said...

The bars look tasty! I was thinking about making something and taking it over, but it looks like things are in good hands!

Thanks for your encouraging post!

Salmagundi said...

Communities come together in times of need, don't they? -- pure bliss. Glad Wiggins is safe, but Mike said the water was close to Ft. Morgan Walmart on Sunday. Stay dry. Sally

Anonymous said...

I was thinking about you last night and wondering if the floods were in your area. In 1997, my SIL got flooded out and never got a drop of rain. Flood wall from north of her came in through the hill country and they had 30 minutes warning. It just sends shivers up my spine to think of those kinds of things. I have no idea what I'd grab, hope I never have to find out and I hope you have remained at a safe distance. Please take care and be watchful. Leave if you need to.

Love and Hugs, Jenn

Anonymous said...

PS - neat utensils ... and cookies look delicious. I'm sure you got a blessing from baking them! As did others.

sarah said...

hopefully you'd grab all the pictures and quilts! i have two of those stirring things from you that you could have. ;-)

love you

Rose H (UK) said...

Hello sweet Marilyn!
Mmm, that bake looks marvelous. It's wonderful that folk come together in times of need.
Hope all is well and the weather improves for you.
Rose H

Suzan Sweatman said...

These are the stories we need to hear more of - communities - mankind - helping helping helping !!!
Beautiful post!

My Cottage Charm said...

I have thought of what I would take is I knew something bad was coming. I would grab my huge zip up binder of home video pics on CDs, my 1terabyte hard drive with all my recent pics, my scrapbook albums, and of course my family....oh and my computer! :) I guess memories are my most important things to grab! :)
I'll be honest, I watched the guy build my building so I'd know how to build one too :) lol you know me well!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh goodness, I can smell your cookie bars from here!! How sweet of you to feed the responders. We have had out second all day rain here in Orlando, with many more days to come...Such unusual weather!