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Monday, September 23, 2013

Finding Bliss. 3

There were two trips to the big city last week. I knew I had to take a picture of the morning glories in the back yard where Ali, Sarah and Alex live. Jack Frost will be visiting one of these days and changing the leaves and flowers to brown.
The leaves are my favorite shape and are going to be somewhere in my garden next year. I'll need to think about something tall for them to climb on, as these are over 8 feet tall.
Here is one with the bright zinnias, but I think I want the blue ones or the dark purple.
Besides loving the flowers, I must include the cat this week. This will surprise everyone that she is part of the bliss in my life. Yuna continues to be a pest, yet she is devoted to me, as she was to Wally.
The second trip to the city was for the Park Hill 35th annual home tour.
The homes in this part of Denver are older and so interesting. We couldn't take interior pictures, so I tried to take some outside.
This was the back yard and a familiar fellow was guarding the back entrance/exit.
This weeping tree was gigantic!! The parkway also had a small street fair going on for all the visitors.
The home below is shown in three pictures.
The middle of the house is below.
And the right part of the home. For "traffic flow" we entered on the side patio into the dining room.
Two houses I'd move into!

It was a nice day for the tour and a perfect beginning to fall. My next trips to Denver will be busy as I'll be helping Sarah and Alex move to another part of the metro area where the houses are newer, but not as charming as these.

I hope you will find something in a neighborhood near you that will bring you some bliss this week.


sarah said...

The lines looked so long! The flowers in the back are a mix of morning glories and 4 o'clocks I think. Need to find a trellis for you!

Stephanie said...

Beautiful flowers and I, too, love the shape of the leaves :) Lovely post, sweet Marilyn. Thanks for sharing! Hugs to you!

DeniseinVA said...

What a cute looking little cat Yuna is. The home tour must have been really interesting and I enjoyed your other photos too. Lovely flowers and an interesting gargoyle. That would make a great garden ornament.

My Cottage Charm said...

So ya liked my news huh?! :) lol A big star I'm not, but super excited to be on the cover of a magazine I am!! :) hee hee hee (well at least my window seat!)
Love all your pretty! and it's good to have a loyal furry friend! :)
Love ya

Ann said...

Thanks for coming to my Pink Sat post and leaving a comment. Your tour looks fun and the neighborhood divine. Luscious flowers.

Suzan Sweatman said...

Those homes look beautiful - I'd love a sneak peak of the insides, wouldn't you!!!
Yuna is too cute for words :)