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Monday, February 20, 2012

Revelation Investigation

President's Day means I am at home (YEA) and puttering around cleaning in the kitchen. Decided to polish my grandma's iced teaspoons. There are five more, but am taking a break.
Polishing silver is so difficult, you know!

Will be checking the pattern in a few minutes, but am not sure if Revelation is the pattern name or maker. There's no other name on the handles.
{Just in from the Research Center: These spoons are listed at Sterling Flatware Fashions and Facts and they're from 1953 Revelation /Precious Flower made by International.} It was so easy to look them up. Thanks to Connie at Hartwood Roses!
The spoons are on my thrifted napkins by Williams-Sonoma. I did see the same ones at the WS store in Denver priced at $12 EACH! Beautiful mitered corners and a nice wide hem with a fancy stitch. I don't think they are the same ones as the hotel napkins on the web site, though they could be and those are cheaper. I'm sure I paid $1 each at GW, which is not exactly my idea of thrifty, but I liked them A LOT.

If you have the day to play, have fun!♥♫


Salmagundi said...

Glad you are able to play today! Nice to have a day off. Mike had to take his CADA kids to Ft. Morgan today (tomorrow, too), so no day off for him. He was o.k. with it, as he only has to be in the classroom 3 days this week -- a little break there. Sally

Rebecca said...

Isn't it great to PLAY? My daughter is WILD about WS! What a gorgeous pattern!


Aunt Jane's Attic said...

Love the iced tea spoons, there so pretty and the napkins, lucky you. Julie xxx

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh how wonderful to have your grandmothers spoons! They are so pretty1 Yes, I will love my spray painter, I like it more each time I use it!


Karen said...

Such pretty iced tea spoons! I love that they were your grandmother's. And a great deal on the napkins, too.

How nice to have a day off, just to putter at home.

i beati said...


Denise said...

A lovely collection of spoons Marilyn. Lovely napkins also. I often find myself browsing around W & S because I enjoy looking at all they have, some neat stuff. I never buy though, too expensive.

Donna said...

Hope you enjoyed your day off yesterday! The silver is gorgeous but I hate to polish it too.
Those napkins are beautiful and soo white!

Rose H (UK) said...

Love the napkins, and your spoons are gorgeous!
I clean my silver the idle way, place aluminium foil in a bowl and sprinkle with washing soda crystals, pour on boiling water and it starts a chemical reaction, place your silver into this and it comes up gleaming. Just rinse and dry to a shine :o)

Thank you for your visit and comment on the dratted word's awful isn't it.

Have a great weekend!
Rose H