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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Eagles and Percherons

I had a great Saturday driving to my mom's! As I was nearing Eaton, I spotted an eagle flying east. I've never seen one in this area EVER. Later on the way home near the Weld and Morgan County line I spotted another one! This one wasn't out of place, in my mind, as it was near the Platte River.
Two eagles in one day!
Then as I turn off the highway to get to my mom's I always check on "my" horses. The five Percherons were in their corral which I noticed looked a little messy. Usually it is clean so I wondered if there was a problem.

After leaving my mom's I saw something odd looking coming at me on the road. It was the two adult horses hitched up to a quaint manure spreader, with a full load, on its way to a nearby field. It was so much fun seeing the team with their collars and harnesses pulling the spreader. Sad to say, the camera was at home and I can't think fast enough to pull out my phone and take a picture with it. Click on the picture links to get to the sites where I found these pictures. Then you will see the entire thing. The man in the picture is 6 feet tall, so you can see that the Percherons are huge work horses.

It was a triple delight Saturday--my mom, eagles, and Percherons. Oh, and I stopped at SA on the way home and found some junque to use in a summer garden scupture. After I clean the glass, I'll try to share a picture.


Rose H (UK) said...

Oh wow! I've only ever seen one eagle in the UK, and I'd never heard of Percherons, they are fabulous heavy horses, truly magnificent :o)
Have a lovely week Marilyn.
Rose H

Anonymous said...

Those horses are majestic. Kind of leaves my eyes and heart speechless, ya know?

And, mom just gave me several spoons and serving fork of silver (your previous post). I love the date on the back. Very old. Figuring I'll clean them and post on them at some point.

Nice to stop by and visit you this Sunday afternoon!
Hug & Love, Jenn

My Cottage Charm said...

Hey lady! :) I too am glad I found the bookcases AND doors...I wasn't looking forward to building doors with glass fronts! lol
It's nice to know you were thinking of me and all my lovely to know people think of me outside of reading my blog. :)
We haven't had a single snowdrift this winter...not one! We had two inch EACH time, for a total of 2 WHOLE inches all winter! We had over 30" last winter if that puts it into perspective for you. :-/ No snow cream for us this winter!
Those horses are GORGEOUS! I didn't know there were horses that large in existance! beautiful! We don't see eagles around here...just HUGE hawks, which are pretty too. :)
Hope you have a blessed week!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh, that sounds like a fun day! What a treat to see the Eagle. You made me laugh, yep I bet a squirt of water would bring the cat alive LOL!


Donna said...

Perfect! Eagles are gorgeous birds. I have never heard of Percherons. They are gorgeous horses!!

lambs and ivy designs said...

Wow, eagles and horses!! What an exciting trip!!

Those big giant horses make me want to hug their big and sturdy!! Love them!! Thank you for the pictures and story!

Thank you too for the sweet visit!!
Hugs, hugs, hugs,

Al said...

It sounds like a fun day - I've never seen two eagles in one day. And thanks for not spoiling the surprise on my blog :)