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Monday, January 9, 2012

Holiday Tea

On a warm November day I was busy outside turning these trees from green to frosty winter white. They were going to go on the mantle or hearth, but were too bushy so they were put on top of the old entertainment center. Sarah thinks I need to get rid of it, but it comes in handy for storing a ton of church music and a few other things.
As we have a tradition of leaving things out until after Sarah's birthday in January, the trees were pretty to look at for my holiday tea for my dear friends. My 50 cent etched glass tea pot from our church rummage sale held mini ornaments as our table decoration. I used my new cake stand as a serving piece for some scones, gingerbread, and eclairs. Christmas cash and Pier I!
My trips to the city and the larger grocery stores are interesting and they always have new products to discover that aren't available here out on the eastern plains. This cooking creme was new and I added a bit of powdered sugar to it to serve with the raspberry scones. It has almost the same consistency as sour cream, but is not as tangy, especially with the added sugar. The container had ideas how to use it in other recipes and I must get more next time to try them out.
One of my gingerbread girls wanted to be the
center of attention!
Our tea time was not exactly High Tea (or a cream tea), but I had to have cucumber sandwiches! I used what I had at home for the bread...Sara Lee thin style buns. They are flat like pita bread and this weekend I even found some mini buns when I got my mom's groceries! I would have rather had rye bread, but I don't run to town for just one item. The sandwiches looked so plain that I shredded some carrots because the curls I made were too big.
We enjoyed our late afternoon soiree by sampling, sipping and chatting and before we knew it, the sun had gone down and it was dark! We are too old to wait for the moon to come out or go down for that matter! I think this group of friends should do tea more often!
Totally unrelated, but I really love my new mantle clips that I discovered before Christmas. I about killed Alex's flat screen TV with a stocking hanger that you can see in the first picture when I was moving things around. They are going to be so much safer AND I will be using them for more decorations during the year. In a few more days it will be bye-bye Christmas and hello Spring. I'll just skip Valentine's Day and move right on to the pastels that I love the most. ♥♫

I joined Sandi at her lovely Tea Time Tuesday party this week and forgot to let you know! You may click on her name and return to her blog if you are visiting and want to stop by other tea parties.

Tea Time Tuesday


Salmagundi said...

Your tea looks like fun. I'll have to look for the Philly cooking creme. I doubt they have it here in our little town, either!! Is school going o.k.? Sally

Lavender Cottage said...

A nice holiday tea.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hi Marilyn,
What a wonderful tea, my friend! So nice to have you join me today! Your goodies look yummy and I'm sure you all had a wonderful time together. I haven't found that cooking cream in the stores yet. We're always a little late getting things here on the Island.
Thanks for sharing and have a lovely day.


sarah said...

I was just telling Alex I thought it was sad people were taking down their decorations since we always kept ours up for my birthday. Your tea looked like it was a lot fun!

Johanna said...

Hi Marilyn,
thank you for the nice tea time with many lovely goodies. That look very comfy in your rooms. I love the pretty decoration, too.
Best greetings, Johanna

Kathy said...

Gorgeous tea - everything looks delicious! Love your trees - hope you have a great week,

Sandy Kessler said...

most festive

Antiques And Teacups said...

That was a scruptios holiday rea! Yummy! Thanks for your visit. Yep...Downton Abbey has no profanity or anything objectionable. A wonderful program. We watch very little TV but loved this series!

My Cottage Charm said...

Hey lady! :)
You're SO right...that painting was a sweet surprise...I was elated! What a talented lady she is, and I felt so blessed to be the recipient of her talent! :)
Your pictures of the tea are making me hungry!! It's 6am and I haven't had anything to eat and you're making me want cucumber sandwiches! lol :) Looks like you all had a great time!
Have a blessed day my sweet friend!

Remington said...

Tea time! My favorite! Great pics!

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh, tea time is totally wonderful!! And your treasures look so beautiful, indeed!!! Xo Cindy

Marilyn said...

Love your teatime. How fun to put ornaments in the glass teapot. Let me know if you make a sweater tea cozy.

Karen said...

This looks so delightful! And I LOVE cucumber sandwiches:)