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Monday, February 8, 2010

Must Love Pets ~ Day 8

We have had four fabulous Newfoundlands. Our first came from the rescue group when Sarah was in Kindergarten. Nick was an old man when he came to be our Lion King. Then came Jack, our most protective guy, who loved riding with Wally in the pickup. He'd go anywhere, anytime, and even rode down to the corner in the UPS truck. That poor driver had to turn around and bring him back to us. Gus was the next boy that had to be taught how to go up and down stairs and crawl out from under chairs when he was stuck. Now BooBoo is my boy who shares his food with any wild animal that happens to visit the back yard. He'll bark at the trains that rumble down the tracks and really dislikes the lawn mower. But he is the biggest baby of them all.
RooRoo is my kitty that was born with two broken legs. When she was a kitten she moved like a kangaroo. One beautiful blue eye and one green watch for strangers. She only goes out when I garden and then comes right back inside. She is friendly with me, and hides whenever anyone else is near.
Yuna was rescued from my mom's because the mother wasn't taking good enough care of her. Her eyes are both blue, unusual for a plain, old farm cat.
And then there's Buster, Sarah's dog. I think that makes him my 'granddog'! Rescued from a last chance shelter. He is ONE LUCKY DOG! Spoiled is the best word to describe him!
Thanks to Brambleberry Cottage for hosting the 14 Days of February.


sarah said...

that picture of buster is so cute! the one of roo roo in the garden should be framed.

© Jennifer Raley said...

Buster looks like a nut - a wonderful glad to be rescued fellow! And your New Foundland is just awesome. I remember the first time I saw one in the back of a truck (one of those little jobs) in the 70's. We lived in Washington State and I thought the dog was a bear b/c it towered over the cab of the pickup. Love your sweet kitty too. I understand she wants to be certain. She looks sweet. Thanks, Jenn

Donna said...

So sweet! I love hearing about other's pets too ...I love mine so much!

Beansieleigh said...

Oh my goodness, Boo Boo looks like a big boy!.. but definitely ADORABLE! Poor little kitties.. I am glad to hear they are loved and cared for in a happy home now! LOVE those eyes on Roo Roo!.. And I'm just imagining what a little character Buster probably is!! He's a cutie too!
Nice to meet them all! ~tina

Debbie said...

Oh your pets sound like wonderful family members. Love the two colors of eyes on your kitty who seems to be a tad bit shy. How did her little legs get broken? Your pets are lucky animals to have such a good owner.

Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage said...

Precious pictures of your fury family! I had to laugh when I came to the term "granddog." That's how the Yankee used to introduce our children's dogs, Samson and Tasha, once they came to live with us on the farm.


Brambleberry Cottage said...

Ok, I do know how to spell! I meant to say "furry" not "fury"! Sometimes I get a tad distracted with my fifteen-month-old granddaughter crawling all over me while I type! LOL


Chatelaine said...

You have adorable pets. I love that they are rescues. All my pets (2 cats) are rescues too!