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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Kid Central and LOVE Craft

Brambleberry Cottage is hosting two craft themes for Days 6 and 7, so I am combining them here. I always loved having the children in my classroom create crafts that a parent would treasure and be proud to have on display. These open hearts were easy to make by gluing puzzle pieces onto cardboard. The kids got to use lots of glue and learned to have some patience while the first layer dried. Depending on how much time there was, we added up to three layers of overlapping pieces. The only thing I did was spray paint them so they'd be pretty. Either magnets or hangers can be attached to the back side. Sometimes we did these puzzle shapes at Christmas time to look like miniature trees.
The children also made cards/books for their parents using their very best penmanship. This year I used the same poem to make one for a card swap. It is on its way to be delivered next week.
Pictures of all the pages ...
pages are 'off center' so the edges could be scored to make a neat fold and then stacked in order to 'bind' with ribbon.

Enjoy all the other craft ideas. There's still time to join in and make family and friends a special remembrance for next Sunday.


Mimi said...

I love those puzzle hearts!!!! Great idea for me and my granddaughter to make next year, she is 20 months now, so by next year she will be able to do that!!! I don't care if it's not perfect, it will be a great craft day!!!!
Love those notecards too!!!!

Tammy@ A Doctor in the House said...

These are all so cute! And kid friendly!

sarah said...
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sarah said...

your valentine is so cute. i hope your swapper loves it. :-)

Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage said...

The puzzle-piece-hearts are a great way to use puzzles with missing pieces! And, you can purchase puzzles so cheaply at thrift stores.

Thanks for joining the fun for the first week of Fourteen Days of Love. Hope to see you next week as well!


Donna said...

Too cute! Love using puzzle pieces as a way to recycle!

Ann Creek said...

I love the puzzle hearts, never seen anything made with puzzle pieces. Neat idea.
tin and sparkle

© Jennifer Raley said...

I love your craft ideas! I was working on an accordion fold card the other day that was driving me nuts -your version is so much easier. I'll have to try that instead. I love your designs and colors. :) Jenn

beyondbaffled said...

I wanted to let you know that I was the happy recipient of your lovely Valentine's Day card from the LAMC swap. It's such a beautiful card and I thank you for putting so much work into it. I love your heart shaped puzzles as well - very creative! I've got a couple of puzzles lying around that are missing pieces so maybe I'll have to try that now :)
- Jess