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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011

Santa has a date with our family on December 24 each year. He magically appears after my nephew heads back to a bedroom for a nap after dinner. We welcomed Chloe nine days earlier this month and she's already to tell the big guy in red what she's thinking~and he is listening intently...

And here's Mom, big sister, Olivia, Santa, and Chloe. Mom and Santa are closely related, as in brother and sister!
Here's Alex's son that was able to fly in the day before to be my grandson! Yea!! I've been missing Maxx since the wedding this summer and am so happy to see him again.
One of two pictures I was able to get of Olivia's sweet dress with the red roses in the front. All the other pictures I tried to take ended up with a gorgeous view of her back. She moves quickly.
Cousins-Sarah and Jennell, with one of our 26 stockings we filled. This elf is simplifying next year and plans on making a family recipe book for 2012. It may be more work, but something I've had in my mind for a while.
Maxx on Christmas morning.
Alex, his dad, my son(in-law).
My baby, Sarah.
Oh, and Buster. So not excited.
Not even when he got a new watering bowl,
to remind him he is really a country boy-
a big, black rubber bowl.
When my babies got to the house after getting stopping at DIA to get Maxx, he saw the gifts in the living room and wondered if any were for him. Names were not in plain sight, so he couldn't tell, but we knew which ones for him. I'm pretty sure he was pleased.
Now, I will relax and enjoy the twelve days of Christmas. Everyone is always in a rush to put things away, but when you work, the time is too short to enjoy it. So, in the way of the wise men that had to make that long journey many years ago, Christmas will not be "over" for me yet.


CHERI said...

Hi, Marilyn. Thanks for visiting my long-lost blog! What cute children...I'm sure they were all on Santa's GOOD LIST! Now that I am retired I begin our decorating, etc. early today I "undecorated" everything except the big tree in the family room. We ran out of steam! It will come down tomorrow but for now one last night enjoying the lights. Here's wishing you and yours a very blessed 2012.

Denise said...

Great family photos Marilyn and the children are adorable! That new little grandbaby looked so cute with Santa. It was fun to join in this very special day, thank you and I would like to wish you all A Very Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful family!
Happy New Year!

sarah said...

We all look like sleepy heads!

LDH said...

Fun visit with your sweet family! Sending wishes for a very Happy New Year!

Kindly, Lorraine

Donna said...

What sweet pics and treasures! Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas.

Kathy said...

Hello Marilyn, Love it! So precious! I hope you have a blessed New Year,

Anonymous said...

One more time, it's me again! :) Sounds like you had a very nice Christmas. I appreciated your sentiments of turning it over to your SIL next year. Competing with memories is tough in real life (trying to reproduce things long past). BUT it sounds like you enjoyed it and that's what matters.
"Merry Christmas" and "Happy New Year!"