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Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 Memories

Everyone is reviewing 2011. Thought I'd do my small part, but I rarely link to the bigger blogs because I blog to satisfy myself. I don't kid myself about being a gifted writer, and tend to be brief and direct. If I'm going to read something, I want it to be a book, so I skim a lot out in the world of blogging. I do love all the eye candy I find and tuck those ideas into my memory bank! I am a visual learner, so that makes sense to me. (Strange then that I have no pictures today. Perhaps I can add them later).

In 2011 Sarah was married to the man I've prayed for even before meeting him. Alex is THE best-and he blessed me with the cutest grandson, Maxx. Happiness is the three of them here at home on Christmas morning (or any other morning) as it was so much fun to watch Maxx. I heard he had said that he didn't believe in Santa, but on Christmas Eve I peeked in his bedroom and asked him if he believed. He told me YES and I said that is the RIGHT answer because it is the SPIRIT of LOVE and GIVING that is Santa at our house.

Two of my pet babies left me in sorrow this year also. RooRoo, my crippled kitty that was born in the laundry room with two broken front legs, lived inside, but was fond of coming out with me into the garden. She had a unique way of getting around and when she was a baby, hopped like a kangaroo.

What can I say about my biggest baby? BooBoo always thought he should be a lap dog. That is something rather difficult when you are a Newfie. Each of our boys has had their own personality--this guy hated the lawn mower with a passion and wanted to tear it to pieces. You would have feared for your life if you saw him attack it. But the only damaged he could ever do was knock someone over if you weren't expecting him. Or I guess he could have gotten you with his slobber, but he didn't really slobber too much. Once there was a baby raccoon that got into his doghouse and he would NOT chase it out. He just barked and barked until I thought I'd go deaf. Instead, I had to chase the little critter out for him. Not the bravest of the boys.

2011 was the year I kept up with the pasture grass, a monumental task for me alone. But I didn't do so well with the weeds around in the back. It was also a year of simplifying around the house which means I took things OUT to the thrift stores, and limited myself on what came IN. My plan is to continue this into 2012. (I know Wally would be jumping for joy at this proclamation). In many ways Alex and Wally are alike and Wally would have been thrilled that his baby girl found such a nice person. Alex--you can jump after you learn how to mow the grass and pull weeds! :-)

2011...farewell. Memories are good for my soul.


Donna said...

Sweet post! Have a wonderful New Year :)

sarah said...

While I was peeling potatoes the other night I started thinking about Dad and how that was his favorite cooking chore. I cried because I miss him so much but I do have a lot of good memories!

Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Marilyn,
I am so happy that Alex came into your daughter's life. And your Wally sounds like he was such a special man...

Wishing you a very Happy New Year ahead filled with JOY and HAPPINESS!!

Remington said...

Great post! Have a fun and safe New Years Eve! See you next year!

Anonymous said...

Hi Marilyn,
Family is everything so happy Alex is now a part of yours,so sorry about your fur babies x
Happy New Year to you x

Dark Heart 2011 said...

Happy new year 2012,

I wish this is the best year for all of us and all the dreams or planning we've built, can be realized in this year.

(Do not forget to come back to my blog ya)

Denise said...

Very sweet post Marilyn. I wish you A Very Happy New Year!

My Cottage Charm said...

Hey girlie! :)
I am feeling a lot better, sinus infection is almost gone...just a smidge of a headache that's not quite gone.
I'm sorry you lost two pets..that's so hard, but I'm glad you got Alex..what a blessing. :)
Hope you have a blessed's almost here!

Anonymous said...

Me again. I'm sorry to hear about your losses. Just makes my heart quiet for a moment. I'm thankful to hear about your blessings though! That, makes my heart jump! And, I smiled at your mentioning Wally jumping for joy at simplifying the house contents! Makes me smile again thinking about it.
I was just over on Jenny's Heart (a link is on my blog) and she was celebrating 1 year of blogging. She mentioned and I commented about how several bloggers have told me, you have to do this for yourself. Otherwise, well, it's just otherwise. I've had my four starts or so - it's a dilemma in action sometimes! BUT I'm so thankful for friends made through blogging. Thank you for your contribution in your blog and over on mine. Blessings for 2012! Jenn