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Saturday, October 1, 2011

October Blossoms

I do have falling leaves on the grass, but no sign of Jack Frost! Average date for our first frost is October 5, but it looks like it will be later this year. There really are leaves, but they are small ones from my Linden tree. You are able to click on the picture and see things better.
The allysum smells so sweet when I come home late in the afternoons, as well as the second blooms on the phlox.
Water keeps these babies happy and they look better now than they did when it was 95-100 each day.
I ♥ my lavender pot of flowers!
My mom had some extras and gave me several packs of this color.
With school, watering the dry flowers and yard, trying to mow, going to see my dear momma, and to Denver to see my sweethearts, I don't have much time left to visit and write. Notice I didn't mention anything about cleaning (which is not a priority) or bell practice and reading a bit to relax before bed. Living life just keeps me busy. Relaxing today with Sarah and Alex, both here for the first time since July 25. The dough is rising for cinnamon rolls so must check on it and make some lunch! Take care and visit when you can!


sarah said...

i love the lavender flowers. :-) glad you finally updated.

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hi Marilyn...

Just wanted to come by to say hello, dear friend! Ohh sounds like you are really busy these days. I'm glad that you have your garden for a little R&R! Your flowers are just gorgeous! I can't believe that my petunias are still going...they usually "play out" by this time of the year. I think you're right about the first frost. It sure does seem warmer than usual, but I'm not complaining. I really do love autumn but we all know what comes after...eeeks! Then we'll all be praying for spring! Hehe!

Well dear friend, I'm so glad that your daughter is home for a visit! Enjoy! Mmmmm...homemade cinnamon rolls? Sounds heavenly!

Love ya,

i beati said...

lovely you are lucky they still bloom after the humid summer

Donna said...

Gorgeous flowers! You have a green thumb for sure.
I thought I smelled cinnamon rolls baking ...

My Cottage Charm said...

Why thank you my dear...glad you liked my chairs! :)
Your flowers still look are not looking so lovely right now..except my mums! :)
Have a great day
Missy I want a cinnamon roll! lol

Susan said...

Gorgeous flowers Marilyn! It's nice to see you visit, and understandable that you're busy these days. Mmmmm...those cinnamon rolls sound yummy. :)
- Susan

Remington said...

We all get busy and need to do what needs to be done....just don't over do it and enjoy whatever you do....the pics are beautiful! Take care and have a great weekend, my friend!

LDH said...

Such lovely flowers and posts here on your sweet blog! A joy stopping by for a visit with you! :)

Kindly, Lorraine

Linda said...

Greetings, Marilyn!

Why, thank you so much for stopping by my blog! I am always amazed at who is reading from so far away.

I enjoyed my visit with you and love that your flowers are still blooming so well there.

It's Thanksgiving Weekend here in Canada. I know that your Thanksgiving is closer to the holidays in November, and I guess that's why I always feel like decorating a little for Christmas, even though it's in October and is a tad early. Haha I think there are more kindred spirits out there when it comes to the Yuletide season that we know...

Linda at Beautiful Ideas

mo said...


These are all my favorite colors in one post.

They are breathtaking.

Thank you for sharing.



Al said...

Beautiful flowers and photos. There are definitely no flowers left where I am now!