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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Journey to Joy

My sweet friend, Karen, invited Sarah and me to the Ladies Spring Brunch at the Wesleyan Church in Greeley.
We toured the tables before we were seated.
This one with the spring colors was ours! Cute cupcakes in baskets too pretty to eat. I saved mine for my mom, but will enjoy the cute favors in the bag that all had a cupcake theme, too. Even on our place cards.
Real sand for this beach.

I love this stemware and the china with the pretty roses.
A teacher that once taught with us did this table. The other picture I loaded was supposed to be with it, but it popped up somewhere else and I'm not sure why!?
A rack of hats that were worn by the ladies at this table.

African Violets for guests to take home.
Pastels--one of my personal favorites.
Sunny yellow.
Strawberries. YUM.
Soft greens.
French bistro.
Swedish blue and yellow.
All in all there were more than 21 decorated tables with eight ladies and young women at each table. Our hostess had her DIL and two granddaughters, a friend and the three of us. After eating and visiting we assembled in the Worship Center for our speaker, Juli Hobin and her story of Journey to Joy.

God blessed us that morning with friends, fellowship, food, and an amazing story of forgiveness. ♥♫


sarah said...

don't forget the lady at the strawberry table had a hairnet with strawberries in it! it was a nice time. whatever happened to my cupcake?

ann said...

The Wesleyan always has such great events. My mother-in-law did their craft show in the fall for over 20 years. You probably know her and you probably graduated with my husband and I probably had your brother in my first year of teaching. Yes. It is a small world.

Happy Homemaker UK said...

Wow! Each so fun and clever. I'd have a hard time choosing which one to sit at. XOL

Remington said...

That is so cool!

i beati said...

joy joy joy joy down in my heart!!

i beati said...

joy joy joy joy down in my heart!!

Deanna said...

How impressive all these tables are...sooooo nice.
It's neat to see so much talent on display!

God bless you,

My Cottage Charm said...

Hey sweet girl! :0) Your event looked like a wonderful time was had by all! I love all the different tablescapes..that's so fun!
I enjoyed hearing everyone's childhood memories on my blog...although your's sounded a little painful with a bike and gravel! LOL I don't thing me running into that fence a million times felt too good either! lol (especially since it was covered in those prickly roses! lol)
Hope you have a wonderful three day weekend..I'm so excited, it's finally supposed to be warm here! upper 80's with no's about time! lol