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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Petunias, pests, and Veronica

It's a good thing everything is doing well all by itself. I've gotten nothing done around here because I was reading a trilogy. Each one about 360+ pages~I could not do anything until I finished! I have no self control in the summer!! There was an Irish cottage in the books with a garden of flowers. I doubt there were any petunias there.
The petunias have been extremely happy. I have been feeding them regularly this summer.
They must like Miracle Grow!
I think this is veronica and it tends to come up where ever the seed drops. Now this is a flower I'd like to think could be in a cottage garden in Ireland or anywhere else for that matter! It made me think of dancing fairies this morning.
These pests are EVERYWHERE! Getting bigger and bigger, no matter what.
I just know they are the reason my crabapple died last summer. =( They ate all the leaves and now want to take care of my catalpa, too. Trees are precious out here on the plains. So, it is WAR with the grasshoppers and I'd sure like to win.


Kim said...

ugh- I love bugs- it never bothers me to see a spider in my garden, beetles, ants, etc.--I love nature. But.....I absolutely cannot stand grasshoppers! I hate how they bounce off me and I hate how destructive they can be. I read once that if you keep your garden very wet it helps to keep them at bay and I think there may some truth to that because we have had a very wet year and the grasshoppers are not very bad here this year. I wish I knew of a better natural way to get rid of them for you :( Good luck in the war ♥

PS- oh my goodness..your petunias are so gorgeous!!!!

Al said...

Those are gorgeous flowers, how come I can't get my yard to look like that!