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Saturday, January 26, 2013

House Work

Sarah told me I should post something so people wouldn't think I had died. This month has been a busy one so far with little time for pictures and writing. My dear FIL, 90 years young, decided to sell the house that he and sweet MIL have lived in since they sold the farm. I helped by cleaning carpets. Let me say I was very tired those nights!!

Then my SIL (the college friend that introduced me to her brother, my late husband) and I moved some furniture around to make the rooms look "bigger" for the realtor to take pictures for the listing brochure. I really think people are smart enough to figure out what size a room is without fooling them, but then I'm not an agent!
We also had some fun after all the cleaning by switching things around, as in "staging" for the buyer.

Like the bedspreads, knick-knacks, and moving furniture.
We even moved things into hiding, like all the clutter on the counters. AND, the wastebaskets!
All I can say is when I need to sell my house, I need a two year warning to get things looking this good!
This does not even show any of the painting and garage cleaning that was also taken care of without my help. My time and efforts were just a small part in making Grandma and Grandpa's house look amazing. Some family will be very blessed to make this their new home.



The Comfort of a Safe Place said...

Great to see you posting - I had wondered what you were up to!

The cleaning and staging will certainly pay off...and it looks so good.

Jan ♥

Salmagundi said...

I wondered what you were up to. Just glad you weren't sick or something else unpleasant. You've done a lot of work -- know it will pay off for your FIL. Sally

sarah said...

See people did wonder!

Deanna said...

Hi Marilyn.
Preparing a house to sell can be a huge amount of work. You did a great job. So very clean!

Glad you are alive and kicking,

Remington said...

Getting things ready to sell a house is A LOT of work....great job, my friend!

Remington said...

Getting things ready to sell a house is A LOT of work....great job, my friend!

lambs and ivy designs said...

Yes, you would think people could figure out the size of a room, but no, it seems they can't! LOL!

It looks great and I hope your FIL sells it soon.


Anonymous said...

Hey there - I know what you mean about the rooms - when we sold our house several years back, we had to put practically everything away. Some people can't see past what's in the room - sometimes I can't - but you never know. I can't bear the thought of that here - where WOULD I put anything? Let alone EVERYTHING?!
Hope you've been doing well.
I posted about mom's vintage embroidery swatches last Thu/Fri - if you get a chance, maybe stop by and see those? I just love them (they're mine now, but they're still mom's).
The work y'all did on your FIL's house looks great! Hope it sells quickly!
Take care, Hugs, Jenn

Salmagundi said...

You know who that boy is in my picture, don't you? I think his days of hanging up clothes are over!! Sounds to me like tomorrow would be a good day for a sick day. Haven't talked to Mike for a couple of days -- he's probably sorry it's just the elementary building. Take care of yourself! Sally

Donna said...

You have been busy! I can't imagine selling and cleaning out my house. Your FIL's looks great