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Monday, September 3, 2012

Palisade Peaches

This was my final peach from the western slope.
Red velvet skin. 
Thought I was joking about it being a peach?
 Skin too dark?
It slides right off with the knife blade.
That's because it's RIPE and ready to eat. 
The first two slices went down my throat so fast I didn't get a picture~oh so YUMMY!!

They came from the Rocky Mountain Peach Company via the local 4-H clubs. Thank you, Daisy!! Please come get my order next summer!!


Salmagundi said...

Friends have been giving us fruit from their trees the last week or so including peaches that were yummy. Today, we finished up the apples for the freezer. I've got enough fruit in there to make lots of pies this winter. The almanac says it is going to be a hard winter -- guess that is why there is so much available fruit this fall - gotta store it up!!! Have a good week. Sally

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh Yum, count me in, that looks great!


PS maybe it was from mice not rats LOL

Susan said...

Oh, you're teasing us with that juicy peach - lucky you Marilyn! And extra lucky to win that nice tea infuser, too. :)

sarah said...

yuuuuum! had a great weekend and i think i ate my fair share of peaches too. yum yum

Remington said...


Karen said...

The peaches were soooo good this year. We even had quite a harvest from the little tree in our yard. I need to write a post about it.

So nice to have the cooler weather, isn't it?

Rebecca said...

HAHAHAHHA I'd have peach juice all over me AND my camera! LOVE THEM!



My Cottage Charm said...

We went to Georgia on vacation this year...and boy oh boy, do they have good peaches!
Hey...about a girl making my window seat...girls can do anything!!!!! :-) LOL It sure was a ton of work, but I sure am lovin' it! I'll love it even more when I get all the other projects done that I'm working on in there! :0)

Annesphamily said...

Oh I love Colorado Peaches!

You made my day with the playing in the dirt! LOL! I will be doing that next year God willing! Our back yard is filled with weeds and dirt! Need to get all those ugly bushes out of the yard to, front and back! People walking by on the front throw their trash in them! Shame Shame on them!

Deanna said...

Oh Marilyn, That's not fair!!! grins.
It looks really delicious and I can taste it as I type. Nothing quite like a ripe peach.

Anonymous said...


Shirley said...

Hi Marilyn,
It was so nice of you to visit. Thank you so much. I appriciate your comment and your time.I am in love with peaches..yummy hubby does not like the skin but I do..I could eat peaches every day. Wish I had one right now..

Pamela said...

Good peaches around here are hard to come by. I've only had a couple really good ones this year. I wanted to reach into the screen and eat yours!