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Sunday, February 13, 2011

♥ Day, Part 2

The candy is ready to deliver in the VALENTINE cans. Zach said he likes M & M candies. Sarah Jo won't open hers, so it is filled with rice! She hasn't opened her Halloween treat because she likes it for a decoration.
Sarah loves owls, so one is for her and one for her sweetheart, Alex. The others will be delivered to Grandma and Grandpa after school tomorrow.

These really are easy to make once you have saved the right kind of fruit cans and opened them on the bottom. I wash and dry them, then spray the tops outside on a nice day-like today-65 degrees!! Fill them with treats, and glue or tape the bottom back on. I've discovered that tape holds them shut just fine and is so much easier than trying to glue them. Cover the cans with paper and decorations and thread ribbon through the pull tab on the top.

Happy Valentine's Day!


Karen said...

Marilyn, these are sooo cute! I love the ones with the owls! What a clever idea. I'm going to put this in my file for next year.

sarah said...

aww alex and i think they're all adorable! he likes that you called him my sweetheart ;-)

Donna said...

The cans are adorable!!! I love this idea and you have decorated them so cute!
The soaps below are darling too!
Have a Happy Valentine's Day!

Anonymous said...

I am going to open my can! I had a great idea to use it as a pencil can! Can I get off the hook then?
Also, I would like to see those soaps before you give them all away please. I love it but not as much as I love you!

Remington said...

Great idea! Thanks!

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hi Marilyn...

I just read your sweet note and came right over, my friend! It was so good to hear from you! Ohhh I remember CSAP's...eeeks! Even working in the Special Education classroom...there was no escaping those tests! My student was profoundly autistic and yet he was still expected to do CSAP. Oh well..don't get me started on that subject! Hehe! I certainly do feel for you though and will be lifting you up in prayer, sweet friend! You said that you had a busy weekend...I hope that it's filled with things that you enjoy doing! So nice that you have Monday off! Enjoy!

Well my dear, you certainly have been a busy little bee! Creating and crafting those adorable Valentine treat cans! they turned out sooo pretty! I just haven't done anything like that in a long time...and I do miss it! Wished that all my grandchildren were closer...I would love to spoil them with a pretty Valentine treat like these! Each one is sooo pretty in it's own way...they seem to take on a personality...don't they? My favorite is the pretty red, white, and black one...with the pretty damask border around the bottom. Love that one! Thanks for sharing your pretties with us today!

Thanks for stopping by, dear lady! It's always a pleasure!!! You mentioned the has been really blowing out our way today. The last couple of days were really beautiful though. I even had the doors and windows open! Hehe! Can you tell that I have spring fever?

Warmest wishes,

Annesphamily said...

I appreciate you stopping by my blog. You are such a dear and a Colorado blogger too boot! Hee Hee! I love knowing you. Thanks for sharing. Anne