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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Lighter and Brighter

As I'm enjoying the painted cabinets I realized that I really did NOT like the backsplash. At all. Never have. But paying off doctor and hospital bills will leave one with NO $$$. So no chance of anything new.
But having a can of primer and some glossy enamel paint made me think I could transform that laminate into something I could tolerate until my ship comes in.
More light! Much brighter. I'm not a splish splashy dish washer so it should be just fine.  On the opposite wall from the window I coated the cabinets with a coat of shellac after reading that on a blogger's page that sells Annie Sloan paint. Wish I'd seen that before I started the whole process.  I'll see if that will keep the tannins in the wood from showing through the paint. The first coat of primer on them is drying and will do another before I paint. Now it doesn' t seem like I cook in a cave. Actually I don't cook much anymore, but I'll enjoy being in the kitchen much more!


Salmagundi said...

Looking good!!! Sally

sarah said...

can't wait to see it on saturday!

Connie in Hartwood said...

What a big job! Your cabinets look so bright and happy now that they are painted ... It was genius to paint the backsplash you didn't like. I'm glad this project is coming along so well.

Deanna said...

think you're gonna love it!
i like white kitchens and think this is what we'll do when we finally get around to it.

Unknown said...

Well if you wanted to fix the issue of not cooking, I could help you out with that! =0)

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh I think it looks great and I bet the painted back splash will hold up great, yep, maybe you will turn into a master chef now!


Rebecca Nelson said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the changes. You should see my, on second thought you shouldn't. If you came to my door I would NOT let you in!



Donna said...

Looking so much better and fresher! You have been working really hard. You are doing a great job.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

I love a white kitchen! Good job, Marilyn! I'm sure you do recognize the garden. She does have tours and if you ever come to PEI, I'm sure all you need to do is contact her and set up an appointment. Thanks for your visit and enjoy your weekend.


Judi said...

Hi there
Your cupboards look so good and so fresh and the backsplash just does it all! What a great idea. Isn 't it nice to have it light and fresh?
I painted the 70s vintage wallpaper in our cottage kitchen. It would never come off and the paint adhered so well. Nice to see a fresh paint around here now instead of avacado green, orange and yellow flowers..*s*...

Great job. Come by and visit sometime..

Jan Hermann said...

Lovely job, Marilyn!! Years ago, I painted my backsplash which was a horrid metallic brown. Then I stenciled a pretty garden theme with birds and butterflies and colorful flowers, over the sink. Never had a problem with it.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on hubby's grandson's visit. Surprisingly enough, the grandson WAS interested in our house and how it looked!! He commented on the paint colors inside the house and told us we had a beautiful home!! AND he did LOVE the food - we sent the rest home with him for a meal I'm sure he and his room-mate will love.

Jan ♥

Rose H (UK) said...

Looking GOOD Marilyn :o)
I'm still trying to pluck up the courage to paint my kitchen cabinets...five years on!
Rose H