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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Denver and Home

When I go to Denver there are all these cute houses in the neighborhood where Sarah, Alex, and Ali live. Sarah doesn't really want me to take pictures of the houses, but I think I am going to start clicking away the next time I go. This one is just my style! Although I'd most likely have more flowers in front.
Ali's house is landscaped. It's been two summers with just dirt and weeds, so it looks great.
Sarah called this their Dr. Seuss tree. I didn't notice the trunk when she sent me the first pictures, but it is a unique specimen!
I had a Home Depot gift certificate that I used and got a diamond tipped drill bit for ceramics and a new pot. I liked it so much that I had to see if there were some in Greeley and brought home two more.
The heat has finished off my lilies, but I did manage to get a pink one before it faded.
Tomorrow is a family picnic and we will also celebrate my dear FIL's 90th birthday! He's a real firecracker, born on the 4th of July. I love him dearly!♥♫

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Part II, Garden Tour

I knew the order I wanted to share these pictures in, but this time they came out opposite. Oh well. And lately my blogging is just not my main interest. So, as the man I've been spending a lot of time with lately says, "It is what it is!" The man is my dentist, by the way! And I think I am finished with him when he checks my gums to see how they are healing. (Until I save up and get courage to have more work done).

I'm short, so this plant is T A L L!
Rob Proctor mentioned in his blog this was the plant he had the most questions about during the tour. They were throughout the garden in all sizes and stages of flowering.
They're called giant cow parsnip.
Heracleum sphondylium
An interesting bud!! About my eye level, I think.
There were about 6 brick columns on each side of a grass pathway with perennials on both sides of the "fence". Close to five feet tall.
This season there were ten apprentices helping in the garden. I'd certainly help out if I lived close by. I'm thinking the tender tropicals must spend their winters in the glass addition on on the rear of the house. Almost $10,000 was raised for the Denver Dumb Friends League from the tour. Great tour, great cause! Visit Rob Proctor's blog for lots more information.  Click on the pictures to enjoy the details!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Garden Tour

This past weekend Sarah and I went on a garden tour in Denver. Not just any tour, but Rob Proctor's garden! He is a Colorado garden expert and local TV "celebrity" - at least I think he's one!
The gardens surround his home of 20 years, so it has developed through the years into this fabulous oasis of plants. He said at last count he had over 525 pots!!
This is a below ground level garden area down the wooden steps.
He favors blue pots - all shapes and sizes.
Color in one of the borders filled with perennials and annuals.
A close up of the kale surrounded by the pansies.
Looking out through the back of a garden room built on an old foundation they discovered.
Stair steps to the roof top garden above the "folly" with a pot on each step!
I'll try to post more pictures in a few days. There were some really interesting plants as well as many that I recognized and have in my own garden. It was heavenly in this garden. Oh. My. Truly a gardener's paradise!! Please check out the details by clicking on the pictures to enlarge them.♥♫

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Pots are Planted!

During the cool mornings I've been out getting my pots filled.
I have limited flower space unless I want to tear out more grass. When we first moved here, I started digging it out little by little as there were NO FLOWER BEDS. Wally took pity on me and helped dig out more. I didn't need all 9,000 square feet of that grass. And that's not counting the pasture grass.
Most of the annuals go in pots. 
Lots of pots!

Geraniums with alyssum.

The mini roses continue to bloom. And I see the grasshoppers are back.
Roses are even pretty to me when they are fading.
The white roses are magnificence in miniature.
I've had a wee bit of help from this little guy and his brother/sister, too. They are hopping in and out from around the pots and wake me up! Happy Gardening!

I'm linking to Today's Flowers with thanks to the team!