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"Never place a period where God has placed a comma." Gracie Allen
“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.” –e.e. cummings

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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fountain Fairy Garden

They left a note and told me three fairies were looking for a new home.

(Clicking on the pictures will enlarge them for more detail).
After seeing options at the garden centers in Brush, Fort Morgan, and Denver, my budget allowed for only the basic greenery. I had to use what was already at home and decided to use this fountain that had fallen over and broken, most likely during one of our windier days. I drilled drainage holes, covered them with some glass "jewels" because the real rocks I have were too big.
Covered that with a cloth to keep the dirt out and then added the soil. The pipe sticking up in the middle was too tall to cover but it made a perfect spot for one of the fairies to sit upon.
I did splurge on three plants that make the garden pretty. The one is hiding behind the pansies I found at a thrift shop and will "out-live" all three plants. They will still remain the same size and be "blooming" in the middle of winter ;-) when everything else is brown and ugly. They were just too cute not to include!
I also used the sea shells a student had given me and the cores from some sort of drilling.

Here is the wee one right in the middle using the fountain pipe keeping her cushion in place.
I found my "missing" bag of magic stones this evening so I may be adding a few to the garden. Now all that needs to be done is add a sign that says "NO CATS allowed" as I'm thinking one of my kitties might think this is the perfect place to nap. Happy gardening!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


It was 98 or 99 yesterday! May 22!!
Today was MUCH cooler and a good day for being out in the yard.
My columbine are getting sparse and changing colors on me. I need to start over with seeds because the ones for sale in town are past blooming for this spring. 

This single petunia plant will grow and spill over the sides with blooms.
Was happy planting about 15 pots today.
I'll need to do about 20 more.
My mini roses are starting to bloom.
The white one is full of buds.
My early pots of pansies are so sweet.
Below is some of what is left that needs to be planted.
I think I spent about $100 and got between 55 - 66 six packs, although some were vegetables and may have been 4 packs.  Plus a few single plants like spikes. All for my mom, Sarah & Alex, and me. I know it would have cost more than twice that amount at the green house or garden centers.  Our Future Farmers of America in Wiggins do an outstanding job of growing almost all of the plants we need! The students are "hired" to take care of the green house and all the ag students work on opening day of the sale where people line up early to get these bargains. In a small town of 1,000 or so!

Lots to catch up on - especially pulling weeds and grass out of the flower beds. With our wind, there is no way to be weed free.

Friday, May 18, 2012

The E.N.D.

I've learned that as the oldest teacher at my school:
1.  I have the most "stuff" to put away!
2.  It takes me more time to do it!
And now,
  Three more piles to sort through, piece by piece.

On the final day with my Third and Fourth graders, I set out a Tea Time for them. The boys drank more tea and liked it better than the girls! I read a delightful story the day before so it was fun to plan this surprise for them. And yes, it was hot tea that the boys liked.
Our menu included:
Chocolate Eclairs
Lady Fingers with strawberry jam
Tiny tarts with Lemon Curd
White cake, thanks to Little Debbies, sliced in half!
Cucumber Sandwiches
 I gave the students recipes for scones and making lemon curd. There just wasn't any time to bake the night before. Our menu was super easy and just right for kids.

Nothing fancy, but a nice 
The End Activity!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Favorite Garden Colors

At my mom's there's a new flower bed created by the removal of an old pine. Sadly there are no longer any cute bird houses hanging, but my brother and I worked and planted lots of flowers. He did the hard work by cleaning  out debris and hauling in dirt to put in the hole left by the roots. It will be something my mom will enjoy while she is sitting near the window looking out, wishing she could still be outside gardening. She misses that so much. Our gift to for summer joy.

In another area there are many columbine in bloom. My favorite:
I was lucky to see them on Saturday! Sometimes I miss them because of the timing of my visits.
When I came home late in the afternoon I found my flax were still blooming for the day. Most of the time the flowers are gone by noon.
The flowers liked the cloudy, cool weather.
Purple Robe Black Locust Tree
This is the first year that there are blossoms to enjoy. The wind burned the tiny buds off last year.
This was the last tree Wally planted for me, so I'm really glad to see it finally growing and blooming.

Monday, May 7, 2012

May Flower Moon

Last weekend I went out the back door and saw the Flower Moon was hiding behind the old cottonwood trees by the big ditch. It was a very cold, windy night so I tried going out to lean on the dog house. The wind was too wild and all the pictures were one big blue. Then I walked back to the house and leaned on it and took one more picture. It's not great, but I like the yellow ribbons at the top. How did that happen?? I'll never tell 'cuz I don't have a clue!
Tiny pansies blooming now.
The very last of the tulips.
A miniature rose that was not doing well in a plastic pot, so I put it in a clay one until its spot in the garden is ready. I can't resist them at the grocery store.
I went to our High School FFA plant sale last weekend and brought home a trunk load of plants for my mom, Sarah and Alex, and for my garden. Broke a tooth, again, and didn't get anything accomplished in the yard. Won't get to visit the dentist until Wednesday, so most likely will just be tolerating life in general until then.