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“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.” –e.e. cummings

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Utter chaos

These KONG coleus pictures did not load in the order I wanted them. Just goes right along with the way life is right now. And they really have nothing in common with the title. They are just what I found on my phone and mailed to myself so I could go through the long process of fixing a read only file and changing it to one that the picture file will let me save, copy, rename and file.
Oh, did I mention this has been one L.O.N.G. week? School during the day and parent / teacher conferences in the evening. TWO snow storms with slippery, sloshy roads. Bell practice, the true highlight of the week, and performance this morning in church. I tend to be a little nervous, but when the page doesn't turn correctly, I lose my place. Not a pretty sound from my bells at that moment.
My dear SIL and Sarah gifted me with the latest Windows system. This means NEW. Details. Can't find my picture files. Didn't transfer my bookmarks. The house is a disaster...REALLY. No exaggeration. Sarah brings a new toy, a Cricut 2, that we MUST play with and learn. But it won't talk to MY computer...only Sarah's. So why am I sitting here posting?? It's because I've lost my mind.

Anyway, the lovely little coleus flowers got pinched off all summer so the lovely leaves would grow bigger and bigger on the KONG coleus. I brought the plant in before the frost and snow and am going to try to keep it alive over the winter. We shall see...

This week will be better. It will be better . . .


Salmagundi said...

It WILL be better. Mike is always glad when conferences are over. Friday, he was just vegetating at home during the snow. Now, time to go to school again and have a good week! Sally

Jan Hermann said...

Have a Blessed Week, Marilyn!

Donna said...

Chaos ... what's that?? You sound like me! Seems if nothing has gone right this week. Hopefully this week will be better.

Remington said...

Chaos seems to be at our house too! Have a fun week, my friend!

Deanna said...

may your week go super well.....may all the weeks go much better.

i need some of this going on in my world as well.

Rebecca Nelson said...

I LIVE IN CHAOS! :) Truly.

Now girly...come on down to Oklahoma where the wind comes sweeping down the plane and we'll hunt up some GREAT finds at the thrift!

:) xoRebecca

Annesphamily said...

Marilyn I am in the losing your mind club! Is there something in the air? Chaos seems to rule! I have to get all my stuff out of Nick's room before he gets home for Thanksgiving! I went thru a huge box of paperwork yesterday! My day was too crazy at work today! When you work with slugs it is hard to be positive. I would not mind if the work was equally done but when people cheat on their time I get so upset! But the doctor does not seem to care so there is nothing I can do about it! He owns the business! I was raised with good ethics and at my first job I learned a lot about being honest, hard working and easy to get along with! Times are tough! There is nothing that seems to matter to most folks today! Lying, cheating, hatefulness. It seems part of the way the world is going! SO sad