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Friday, June 17, 2011

Colorado Columbines

Wednesday I went to Greeley to get my mom's groceries after priming walls in Denver on Monday and Tuesday. Although I wasn't as tired and sore as I was the very first night after we worked, I was happy to sit and drive.
These are my mom's columbines and we let them grow where ever they sprout.
And whatever color they want to be. Lots of blue this year.
Some white with pale yellow.
All of God's creations are heavenly to my mom and me.
Mine are getting very thin and I need to plant more seeds this fall. Maybe I'll find the packet Sarah and I brought back from our road trip last summer. ♥♫


sarah said...

The one's we got from the Sand Dunes are colorful! I hope you find them and plant them.

Salmagundi said...

I love the yellow and white! Must plant some myself next year. Hot here in southern Colo. - how about you? Sally

Donna said...

Beautiful! The colors are gorgeous ... like a piece of Heaven :)

Al said...

Nice shots. I think the columbine is such a lovely flower - it's probably my favorite when I see it in the wild on a hike.

My Cottage Charm said...

We did have a blast at the blogger jaunt and you're right, being short is just fine! :) (except when I want something off the top shelf at Kroger....then I have to find a tall person!) lol
Your flowers are beautiful!

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hello sweet lady...

I just read your sweet note and came right over! How are you doing, my dear? It sounds like you have been a busy little bee...not much rest for the weary, huh? After reading your post, I am curious as to whose walls you are priming in Denver? Has your daughter found a place there? Anyway, I certainly can say that I would have really...really...been sore if it were me doing the painting! I used to love to paint and have always done all of my own but these days...I'm not sure if I could really do much of it!

Dear friend, your mother's Columbines are gorgeous! I love the pretty blues! You know, I have never had Columbines growing. It looks like they do well in our area...I may have to consider planting a few! I haven't really done anything in the yard this season...other than plant all of our big planters on the front and back porch. I know that you really enjoy gardening and hope that you are getting the time to do it! Take care, dear friend and enjoy your summer break! Thanks so much for coming by today...I always enjoy our visits!

Warmest summery wishes,

PS...ohh my goodness, yes...we have nearly "blown" away over here at my place! This darn makes me irritable! Hehe!